where we operate




Dr. Adams predominantly operates at the Center for Special Surgery in West Fargo, ND. He also has privileges at both Essentia Health Hospital and Sanford Health Hospital. 

Take a look inside where we operate! Located in River’s Bend Medical Center in West Fargo, ND at 350 23rd Ave E., the Center for Special Surgery is a modern outpatient surgical facility with fully equipped operating rooms and private recovery space. The staff at Center for Special Surgery are specially trained to provide high-quality surgical care to ensure a comfortable, informed surgery experience. This high-end facility allows you to return home on the same day as your procedure to rest and recover in familiar surroundings.


The moment you arrive at the Center for Special Surgery, the experienced team of professionals is ready to welcome you and your guests in the inviting, modern lobby. Enjoy complimentary refreshments, beautiful views, and private lounge areas as you wait. 

Before surgery, you’ll be guided to a private and well-appointed pre-operative area, where you are attended to by a highly skilled and compassionate surgical team. Throughout the process, clear communication and personalized care are emphasized to address any concerns or questions you may have. Dr. Adams will also meet with you to review your surgery plan, goals, and recovery expectations prior to entering the operating room.

The surgical suite itself is meticulously maintained, adhering to strict cleanliness and sterility standards. Advanced anesthesia techniques are employed to ensure each guest’s comfort and safety. Post-surgery, you will be closely monitored in a dedicated recovery area, where your well-being is the utmost priority. The center’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the surgery day, as we provide comprehensive follow-up care and support to facilitate a smooth recovery process. We pride ourselves in our guest-centric approach that aims to exceed expectations from the moment you walk through the door!