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Breast Reduction Surgery in Fargo, ND

Breast reduction surgery is typically performed for women who experience physical discomfort from too large or sagging breasts. Women commonly experience back, neck, or shoulder pain from the excessive weight of the pull of the breasts on the body. Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty is designed to remove breast tissue and skin from the breasts in order to alleviate symptoms and create a more aesthetically pleasing shape.

There are numerous techniques for this operation, but most involve removing excess breast tissue and skin while repositioning the nipple in a higher position.

FAQ: Breast Reduction

Who is an ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery?

The best candidates for breast reduction surgery are healthy women who have experienced many of the classic physical symptoms associated with having excessively large and sagging breasts. Women who feel that their breasts are too large but are not having any of these symptoms, may still be a great candidate and benefit from the cosmetic improvement of the operation. Women who need mostly a lift and possibly a small reduction may be good candidates for a breast lift or mastopexy instead of a breast reduction.

How long is the recovery from breast reduction surgery?

 After breast reduction surgery your breasts will be bruised and swollen and you will feel some pain for the first few days following surgery, but your pain shouldn’t be severe and can be controlled with pain medication. You are encouraged to walk around as soon as you are able to and it is normal to be sore after activity. Any sutures will be removed in a week, but it will be important to wear a support bra for 4 weeks around the clock after surgery. You should refrain from any exercise for 2-3 weeks and heavy exercise for 4-6 weeks. After 2 months you will be able to resume any previous activities. Much of the swelling and bruising resolves in 2-3 weeks, but it could take 3-4 months until all of the swelling resolves and your breasts settle into their final shape. This shape can still change with future weight gain, pregnancy, etc.

What are the benefits to breast reduction surgery?

Potential benefits of breast reduction surgery are:

  • Improved posture
  • Reduced back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Improved confidence
  • More lifted, proportionate appearance
  • Firmer, perkier breasts
What are the risks to breast reduction surgery?

With any surgical procedure, some risks are expected and with breast reduction surgery excessive bleeding can occur which would cause swelling, pain, and bruising. Though rare, this could require another operation to treat the problem. Another rare complication is infection. Although this can usually be treated with oral antibiotics but may lead to widened or noticeable scars.

Will I have scars after breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery does leave permanent scars that can be noticeable when the breasts are uncovered. The appearance of scars will improve, but this can take a year or longer and occasionally revision surgery may be needed to help improve (but not eliminate) the scars.

How much does breast reduction surgery cost in North Dakota?

The cost of breast reduction surgery can vary. After your consultation with Dr. Adams, we will provide a detailed cost estimate, and will also discuss payment methods, scheduling, and financing options. In general, price shopping for surgery isn’t recommended. It is best to choose a plastic surgeon that you are comfortable with, trust, and one that has the proper training from an accredited plastic surgery training program. Visit our Financing & Fees page to learn more. 

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