Our membership is currently sold out, but we understand the importance of your desire to become a part of it. If you’d like to enroll, we will add you to our waiting list, and rest assured, as soon as a spot becomes available, we will promptly reach out to you to discuss enrollment! In the meantime, please feel free to explore our website and familiarize yourself with the services and benefits offered to our members. If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Discover a transformative beauty experience like no other with The Membership at CFPS! Elevate your self-care routine and unlock exclusive discounts that turn every visit into a luxurious experience.

Unlock a world of beauty and indulgence with our exclusive membership program, tailored just for you. At the Center for Plastic Surgery, we believe that self-care should be both luxurious and accessible. Introducing “The Membership at CFPS,” your passport to a realm of rejuvenation and savings.

Member Benefits

  • 15% Off All Medspa Services: Experience the best in medical spa services at an exclusive discounted rate. From facials to advanced laser treatments, pamper yourself with our state-of-the-art services.

  • 15% Off All Medspa Products: Elevate your skincare routine with premium, medical-grade products. Enjoy a members-only discount on our curated selection of skincare essentials and beauty products.

  • Free B12 Shots: Boost your energy and well-being with monthly complimentary B12 shots. Our medical spa is committed to enhancing not just your beauty but your overall health!

  • Birthday Month Gift: Celebrate your special month with a personalized gift from us. Because your birthday deserves to be extraordinary!

  • Extra 5% Discount at the CFPS Experience Event: Immerse yourself in the CFPS Experience Event and enjoy an additional 5% discount.

  • Exclusive Access to All Things CFPS: Be in the know with exclusive access to events, product launches, and insider information. As a member, you’re part of an elite community that prioritizes your beauty and well-being.

Flexible Savings:

Your membership fee of $199 per month serves as a credit on your account and can be put toward any Medspa services or products of your choice. You can use your membership funds on a monthly basis, or you can accumulate these fees and save for future use! These funds will never expire. 


Limited Access:

To ensure an intimate and personalized experience, our membership has a cap. Once our membership is filled, we will have a waiting list for those eager to join. This exclusivity ensures that each member receives the attention and benefits they deserve.


  • 15% Off All Medspa Services
  • 15% Off All Medspa Products
  • Monthly Complimentary B12 Shot
  • Birthday Month Gift
  • 20% Off at CFPS Experience Event
  • Exclusive Access to All Things CFPS Medspa

The Membership at CFPS ensures you receive the best pricing on Medspa products and services all year round!


The cost is $199.00 per month. These funds can be put toward any CFPS Medspa service or product, or you can choose to keep them in your CFPS account for future use. The funds you save in your CFPS account can be banked and used towards products and services and will never expire as long as you have an active membership. 

If you would like to add additional funds, we can add monthly funds of $250, $300, and $350. 


Yes! Our Membership offers great flexibility. You can freeze your membership for up to 3 months or cancel at any time.


Signing up is easy! You can stop in or call our office to start your membership. Your first membership payment and benefits will activate immediately. Guests will receive a special welcome gift upon enrollment!

Membership Pricing

As a member, you’re guaranteed the best possible pricing at every visit! Experience the best in medical spa services at an exclusive discounted rate. From facials to advanced laser treatments, pamper yourself with our state-of-the-art service.


Botox®+Dysport® | $14/unit  $11.90/unit

Dermal Filler | $700/syringe  $595/syringe

Sculptra® | $800/vial  $680/vial


15% OFF All Packages


diVa® Vaginal Therapy | $1,500  $1,275

diVaTyte® | $200  $170

HALO (full face) | $1500  $1,275

HALO Body | $1500+  $1,275

Forever Young BBL | $350  $297.50
BBL™ HERO One Area | $325  $276.25

MOXI™ Laser | $750  $637.50

NanoLaserPeel | $325  $276.25
MicroLaserPeel | $500  $425

Profractional (full face) | $1000  $850
Profractional (partial) | $500  $425

Laser Hair Removal (large) | $200  $170
Laser Hair Removal (small) | $100  $85


Diamond Glow | $195  $165.75

CO2 Lift Facial | $240  $204

VI Peel® | $300  $255

SkinPen Microneedling | $350  $297.50