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Approximately 3% of plastic surgery is performed on children, often to correct congenital differences such as ear anomalies, hand differences, or traumatic injuries to the face. Children require specialized treatment when plastic surgery is needed. Dr. Adams has trained extensively with world-renowned pediatric plastic surgeons in the treatment of pediatric congenital differences of the hand and face. Dr. Adams always tries to understand the challenges parents face when their child is undergoing surgery. His approach is to spend ample time with each family to ensure everyone is fully informed on the treatment plan.

When planning pediatric plastic surgery, it is important to keep in mind the amount of growth that will occur after the procedure, as well as the impact of the surgery on the patient’s growth. Certain conditions should wait until your child’s growth is nearly complete. Other procedures, such as many for congenital differences of the hands, should be done earlier in life as to minimize the risk to function and overall use of the hand.

Reconstructive surgery in children is predominantly directed towards restoring function and avoiding future limitations, however, aesthetics are also a key component of all reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Adams believes that avoiding low self-esteem is a key component in restoring form and function. Some pediatric conditions treated include:

  • Prominent or asymmetric ears
  • A broken or crooked nose
  • Birthmarks, lumps, bumps, burns, and scars
  • Abnormal breast development, Poland’s syndrome, and Gynecomastia
  • Traumatic injuries of the face and body
  • Neurofibromatosis and Von Recklinghausen Disease
  • Webbed fingers (syndactyly), extra digits (polydactyly), and other congenital differences of the hands

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