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Correct the Form, Function, and Appearance of the Ears

Ear Surgery in Fargo, ND

In certain individuals, the normal ear creases may fail to develop, or excess cartilage develops. Protruding, asymmetrical, folded ears, or ears with overly prominent lobes can cause insecurity and self-consciousness. Many of these problems can be addressed and reversed through a procedure called otoplasty, or ear surgery.

During treatment, the ears’ excess skin, tissue, and cartilage are reduced and refined, while the ears themselves are repositioned closer to the scalp for a more attractive and conventional aesthetic. This procedure can be performed on virtually any patient of any age as long as the ears are fully grown (often occurring around the age of five years old). Ear shaping surgery is one of the most common cosmetic procedures for children ages five to fourteen and is considered safe and reliable, with long-term positive results that can improve the self-image of the individual.

The main reasons for ear surgery are:

  • Reduction of ear size
  • Correction of uneven or asymmetric ears
  • Reducing ear prominence
  • Diminishing protruding ears
  • Repair disfigurement from injury, disease, or birth defects

At Center for Plastic Surgery, we carefully research and recommend only the most reliable surgical solutions that we believe will provide the best and most consistent results for our guests. The staff at CFPS pledges to carefully listen to each guest’s individual goals and vision for their improvements. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Adams to see if you are a candidate for this procedure!



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FAQ: Ear Surgery
Who are good candidates for ear surgery?
A child or adult who feels troubled by the appearance of ears that look uneven, stick out too far (or not far enough) or in other ways that lead to feelings of embarrassment may be a candidate for otoplasty. Ear surgery can be performed as long as the ear has reached most of its mature growth, normally around the age of five.
Will ear surgery make my ears smaller?
Ear surgery is often performed to make the ears less prominent. Many people with protruding ears feel that their ears look too large when they are normal in size and simply stick out too much. Surgery performed to correct this issue often makes the ears appear smaller but does not reduce the size of the ear.
What are the risks to ear surgery?
Ear surgery is a commonly performed procedure that carries minimal risks. Occasionally, patients (particularly children) may notice that the somewhat elastic cartilage returns to the previous position, although this is not typical. More serious concerns such as overcorrection, irregular contours, cartilage infection or hearing complications, while possible, are very rare.
How long is the recovery from ear surgery?
As with any surgery, the treatment area will be sore and swollen for several days but should be easily helped with painkillers. Any dressing or sutures will be removed within approximately 7 days. At night you are advised to rest on your back, avoiding putting weight on the ears as they heal. Both children and adults can expect to resume normal activities including school and work within 2 weeks.
How much does ear surgery cost in North Dakota?
The cost of ear surgery can vary. After your consultation with Dr. Adams, we will provide a detailed cost estimate, and will also discuss payment methods, scheduling, and financing options. In general, price shopping for surgery isn’t recommended. It is best to choose a plastic surgeon that you are comfortable with, trust, and one that has the proper training from an accredited plastic surgery training program. Visit our Financing & Fees page to learn more.

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