Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Regain Strength and Confidence in Your Midsection

Tummy Tuck Procedure in Fargo, ND

Abdominoplasty, often called a tummy tuck, is a body contouring procedure that removes saggy, excess skin from the abdomen and tightens the abdominal muscles to give the stomach a flatter, firmer appearance. Simple genetics and the aging process can produce excess stomach fat that is resistant to diet and exercise and in other cases, pregnancy can stretch out the skin and weaken the abdominal muscles, causing the area to sag and droop. Significant weight gain or loss can also produce extra fat or skin that does not respond to exercise.

There are many varieties of Tummy Tucks. The Mini Tummy Tuck is a procedure designed for patients with a small amount of excess skin and fat that is isolated to the lower abdomen. The Full Tummy Tuck is designed to address extra skin and fat between the hip bones. When the excess skin and fullness extend beyond the hip bones an Extended Tummy Tuck may be needed to contour those areas. An Extended Tummy Tuck also helps to lift the outer thighs. For patients with excess tissue and fat of the abdomen, sides, and back, a Circumferential Tummy Tuck, or Lower Body Lift, may be needed to improve the contour of all of these areas. In addition to flattening the tummy, the Lower Body Lift lifts the outer thighs and lifts the buttocks. The extra tissue in the back can also be used to increase the projection of the buttocks. A technique that is known as gluteal auto-augmentation.

No matter what the reason for excess abdominal fat and skin laxity, it can be damaging to a patient’s self-esteem and ability to feel good about their appearance. Following a tummy tuck, patients can feel significantly more confident showing off their figures and wearing form-fitting clothing.

Though a tummy tuck procedure is able to give patients a more contoured look it is not a method for weight loss.

FAQ: Tummy Tuck

How long is the recovery from tummy tuck surgery?

You can expect to feel sore and you may have trouble standing fully upright immediately following surgery. Recovering from a tummy tuck requires a great deal of rest and downtime, as your stomach muscles are used in almost every movement or activity. You should refrain from strenuous activity for up to six weeks.

Who is an ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery?

The best candidates for a tummy tuck are healthy individuals who are not significantly overweight and have excess lower abdominal skin and muscle laxity, which often occurs from multiple pregnancies that have stretched the abdominal muscles and skin beyond a point where they will return to normal.

Can I combine tummy tuck surgery with other procedures?

A tummy tuck can be performed on its own, or in combination with other body contouring surgeries that can help improve body shape after weight loss, such as a thigh lift or arm lift. Tummy tucks are also often included as part of a mommy makeover to help a woman reclaim her pre-pregnancy figure.

Will a tummy tuck help me lose weight?

A tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure; however, it can serve as a starting point for further weight loss and a healthier lifestyle as it will be easier to exercise and be more active.

Will I have any noticeable scarring?

The biggest drawback to a tummy tuck is the size of the permanent scar that is required. A tummy tuck commonly requires an incision from hip to hip, which will result in scarring on the abdomen.

How much does tummy tuck surgery cost in North Dakota?

The cost of tummy tuck surgery can vary. After your consultation with Dr. Adams, we will provide a detailed cost estimate, and will also discuss payment methods, scheduling, and financing options. In general, price shopping for surgery isn’t recommended. It is best to choose a plastic surgeon that you are comfortable with, trust, and one that has the proper training from an accredited plastic surgery training program. Visit our Financing & Fees page to learn more. 

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