Bra Line Back Lift

Contour and Firm the Upper Back

Bra Line Back Lift in Fargo, ND

Commonly referred to as “bra fat,” back fat usually appears above and below the bra line creating uneven contours to the back. A bra line back lift is a body contouring procedure that corrects loose, sagging skin on the upper and middle back.

A bra-line back lift is an ideal treatment for those who have lost confidence in their back because it can:


Contour and rejuvenate the upper back


Remove excessive tissue that may role over the bra strap


Create a smooth and uniform contour to the upper and lower back

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FAQ: Bra Line Back Lift

Can I combine other body contouring surgeries with bra line back lift surgery?
  • For healthy adults, it is usually recommended to combine procedures to give the patient a single recovery time. A back lift is often performed alongside other body contouring procedures such as a tummy tuck, arm lift, and body lift.

What are the risks to bra line back lift surgery?
  • All surgical procedures carry some risk and bra line back surgery is no different. Although there is the chance of complication, major complications are rare. Patients should also prepare themselves for the scarring that may occur on the back.

What can I expect the recovery process to be from bra line back lift surgery?
  • Compression garments should be worn to aid in shaping your new torso following surgery, and strenuous exercise should be avoided for several weeks. The results are often dramatic as the upper back is contoured allowing one to wear a bra without excessive bulging.

Who are good candidates for bra line back lift surgery?
  • Generally, anyone who struggles with fat or loose skin in the upper-middle back area is a good candidate for bra line back lift surgery.

How much does bra line back lift surgery cost in North Dakota?
  • The cost of bra line back lift surgery can vary. After your consultation with Dr. Adams, we will provide a detailed cost estimate, and will also discuss payment methods, scheduling, and financing options. In general, price shopping for surgery isn’t recommended. It is best to choose a plastic surgeon that you are comfortable with, trust, and one that has the proper training from an accredited plastic surgery training program. Visit our Financing & Fees page to learn more. 

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