Nipple Reduction

Reduce Size for Better Aesthetic Balance

Nipple Reduction in Fargo, ND

It is perfectly normal to have large or differently sized nipples. Like breasts and areolas, nipples vary widely in shape, color, and size. In some, large nipple size and asymmetry can cause physical and emotional stress. However, individuals with nipple hypertrophy, uneven nipples, or inverted nipples often report physical discomfort. Depending on the severity of the inversion or hypertrophy, nipple reduction surgery may greatly decrease pain or uncomfortable feeling.

Nipple reduction or nipple reduction surgery makes the aesthetics of the breast and chest more appealing and makes clothing more comfortable.

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FAQ: Nipple Reduction 

Can I combine nipple reduction surgery with other procedures?
  • Breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, and areola reduction are all procedures often recommended in conjunction with nipple repair surgery. Not only would this give the patient a single recovery time, these procedures, when done in tandem with a nipple reduction, produce more symmetrical, firm, and youthful breasts.

What are the risks to nipple reduction surgery?
  • The risks associated with nipple repair surgery are typically minor, but may include asymmetry, infection and not being able to breastfeed. Although in most patients, nipple sensation can be preserved, loss of sensitivity is a less rare but possible complication.

How long is the recovery from nipple reduction surgery?
  • You will likely experience fatigue for the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours after your surgery. As such, you should plan plenty of rest and limit strenuous activity. There may be some bruising and tenderness around your nipple and areola, which should be easily managed with pain medication.

How much does nipple reduction surgery cost in North Dakota?
  • The cost of nipple reduction surgery can vary. After your consultation with Dr. Adams, we will provide a detailed cost estimate, and will also discuss payment methods, scheduling, and financing options. In general, price shopping for surgery isn’t recommended. It is best to choose a plastic surgeon that you are comfortable with, trust, and one that has the proper training from an accredited plastic surgery training program. Visit our Financing & Fees page to learn more. 

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