Sculptra® | The Collagen Biostimulator

Correct, Soften, and Prevent Using The Power of Your Own Collagen

Sculptra® in Fargo, ND

Sculptra® is often called a dermal filler, but it’s so much more! Sculptra® is a unique collagen stimulator that creates a framework of beauty that lies deep within the dermis. This biostimulator uses the power of your own skin to correct, soften, and prevent signs of aging and volume loss. Rather than providing the instant filling action as other Dermal Fillers do, Sculptra® works by stimulating long-term collagen production, so the body is able to restore lost volume on its own.

Whether your goal is to restore facial volume or take your first step into self-care and aging prevention – Sculptra® could be a great, natural-looking option for you to diminish and delay the signs of aging. This FDA-approved injectable subtly and gradually over time helps restore facial volume. Results are proven to last 2+ years!


Popular Treatment Areas:

  • Smile lines: the lines that run between the nose and mouth, also known as “nasolabial folds.”
  • Marionette lines: the laugh lines that frame your mouth.
  • Chin wrinkles: wrinkles and creases along the chin.
  • Under eyes / cheeks: hollowness under the eyes and cheeks.
  • Temples: lost volume in temples.

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    Your Treatment Experience

     To begin, we will cleanse the area and apply a topical anesthetic to ensure a pleasant experience. From there, our Expert Injector, Shelley, will strategically place small amounts of Sculptra® beneath the surface of your skin.

    Although most guests see improvement after just one treatment, the most common regimen consists of 3-6 appointments scheduled 4-10 weeks apart.

    We’ll do a thorough facial analysis and create a custom treatment plan for you prior to your injection appointments!

    Recovery + Results

    You will be able to return to work and your normal daily routine immediately after your Sculptra® appointment. Although you may experience some swelling and bruising, these effects are mild and will subside quickly. You can minimize them by periodically applying an ice pack throughout the first 24 hours.

    To protect your skin and ensure optimal results, it’s important to avoid direct sunlight and regularly massage the treatment area for several days. We’ll send you home with the tools, tips, and tricks you need for your post-treatment care.

    As your body responds to the Sculptra® by producing fresh collagen, your results will gradually appear. In general, you will be able to enjoy your new, youthful look for about two years before needing a maintenance visit after your series of injections.

    Treatment Packages


    2 Vials of Sculptra® | The Preventative Package                                                

    This preventative package is suited for guests in their mid-20s – 40s looking to delay the signs of aging and define facial contours.

    4 Vials of Sculptra® | The Rejuvenating Package                                              

    This rejuvenating package is designed to rejuvenate and restore facial volume, soften creases, and prevent signs of future aging. This series of 4 injections creates a beautiful foundation of collagen for long-term, natural-looking results.

    6 Vials of Sculptra® | The Restorative Package                                                    

    This restorative package is perfect for those in their 50s-70s looking to correct, restore, and repair their skin health. Over the course of 6 injections, we’ll work to restore skin elasticity and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


    • Gradual, Natural Results
    • Long-Lasting Results (2+ Years!)
    • Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation
    • It’s Low Maintanence!

    Each guest’s treatment plan is different, however, the rule of thumb is one vial of Sculptra® per decade of age. So if you’re 40 years old, we might consider 4 vials of Sculptra®.

    Our injector will do a thorough facial analysis with you prior to treatment to create a custom plan for you!


    Although both Hyaluronic Acid and Sculptra® are injectables, how they work is quite different. Hyaluronic Acid uses dermal filler to fill the sunken areas, and the result is almost immediate. However, it does not last long and needs further injections on a regular basis.

    Sculptra® works by stimulating collagen reproduction deep in the skin, thus it takes time to show the result–But, it lasts longer and looks more natural too. At the same time, Sculptra® lifts and tightens the entire face.


      RN Nurse Injector


      Boasting 10 years of experience in the aesthetic industry, Mallorie is our expert nurse injector specializing in injectable treatments at CFPS. Mallorie has a vast knowledge of facial anatomy and aesthetic treatments to develop a comprehensive aesthetic care plan specific to each guest’s needs.

      Mallorie is passionate about helping guests feel confident and comfortable before, during, and after their injection experience. She is always expanding and learning new, advanced techniques through her  International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses (ISPAN) Membership.

      Mallorie is professional, knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions. She was patient during our appointment and I felt completely comfortable during our injection sessions. Look forward to working with her and the CFPS team for all my future beauty needs :)”

      CFPS Guest, S.N.

      The focus on my needs, goals for treatment, and comfort was perfect. Additionally, the professional skills and demeanor of the provider made me feel confident and I was at ease about the process. Mallorie is an incredible clinical injector. She is able to visualize what should be done and has the knowledge and experience to know exactly how to make beautiful results!”

      CFPS Guest, T.H.

      Ask Us About Pro-Nox

      Our team at CFPS is dedicated to providing comfortable treatment experiences and unmatched results. As part of our commitment to providing superior guest care, we are pleased to offer Pro-Nox Nitroux Oxide as an accompaniment to our wide variety of aesthetic procedures. It can work in conjunction with a local anesthetic to minimize pain or discomfort and lower stress. 

      Pro-Nox can be used whenever comfort is a concern. Pro-Nox is commonly added to injectable appointments, laser appointments, in-office procedures, and more. If you want to add Pro-Nox to your upcoming visit with us, please notify your provider.

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