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VISIA Skin Analysis

Beauty is only skin deep – but what if you could see what was occurring beneath the surface? The early signs of aging, including sunspots and age spots, fine lines and wrinkles in the formative stages, acne and bacteria, pore size, and skin texture are all visible with the use of VISIA Complexion Analysis. At CFPS, we use this state-of-the-art technology to aid in developing a custom treatment plan for underlying skin conditions before they emerge and become visible.


How VISIA Works:

Using multi-spectral imaging, VISIA analyzes the surface of your skin looking for indications of the eight components which affect your skin’s health and vitality. Using this data, we can accurately compare the health of your skin to that of others in your age, sex, and skin type, providing you with a comprehensive assessment of the current condition of your facial skin. Once completed, we can then recommend ideal products and procedures to keep your facial skin glowing, healthy, and youthful.


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The System Provides Extensive Data About Your Skin Health, Including:

  • Your overall skin condition and age
  • A comparison of your skin to others of your age
  • Measures spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, UV spots, and hyperpigmentation
  • Measures porphyrins (bacteria on the skin)
  • Provides an aging simulation based on precise data

Men and women over the age of 18 who are interested in monitoring the health of their facial skin are excellent candidates for VISIA Complexion Analysis. This unique imaging system provides a complete analysis of visible skin conditions, including those developing beneath the surface of the skin that could lead to problems or damage in the future.

Using VISIA Complexion Analysis as a regular part of your skin maintenance routine, we can detect underlying skin issues and the initial signs of aging skin before they appear on the surface of your skin. At CFPS, we are committed to helping you maintain healthy, youthful facial skin.

Meet Your Provider

Sam | Aesthetician + Skin Consultant

Between her passion for helping others, her extensive knowledge in skincare, and her exemplary customer service and positive attitude, Sam is truly a great resource for our guests throughout their skin health journey at CFPS. 

Sam’s passion is getting to the root cause of skin conditions, organizing and planning advanced treatment plans using our Visia Skin Analysis, and treating guests with effective, rejuvenating treatments like Diamond Glow, SkinPen, VI Peel and more.

“I went in for a skin consult and left with a greater understanding of my skin and overall wellness than I could have ever anticipated! I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in, being greeted by name is so incredible…a seemingly small detail, but an example of the art in hospitality that seems to be waning as time goes on. I left with a clear plan that felt very manageable, and I am excited to implement it all. I will definitely be back!”
CFPS Guest, S.O.