Breast Reconstruction

Improve Symmetry and Appearance Following a Mastectomy or Other Trauma

Breast Reconstruction in Fargo, ND

Breast reconstruction involves rebuilding the breast after its removal due to a mastectomy or other trauma or injury. Women who have had all or part of one or both breasts removed often find reconstruction to be an important part of the healing process. After a mastectomy or trauma, reconstruction can help restore a sense of femininity and confidence. When rebuilding the breast, implants form the foundation of the new breast shape, although fat transfer or natural tissue augmentation may be an option for some patients. Breast reconstruction includes not only the recreation of the breast shape, but also reconstruction of the nipple and areola using skin grafts. In some cases, the opposite breast may also require cosmetic procedures, such as breast reduction or a breast lift, in order to ensure symmetry. Dr. Adams is trained in a number of surgical techniques for breast reconstruction. The right option for you will depend on your unique circumstances and is best determined through an initial consultation and exam. The two main types of breast reconstruction involve using your own tissue borrowed from another part of your body (abdomen, back, buttock) or rebuilding the breast through the placement of implants.
FAQ: Breast Reconstruction
How long is the recovery from breast reconstruction surgery?
Mild discomfort should be expected during the first week and the extent of your recovery will depend on the type of surgery performed. If you received implants, your recovery will be similar to that of a traditional breast augmentation. If tissue was harvested, you most likely will have a longer recovery period. It is important that you rest following surgery, so your body has time to heal.
Who is an ideal candidate for breast reconstruction surgery?
Anyone who has lost a breast due to illness or trauma is an ideal candidate for breast reconstruction. However, many factors do need to be taken into consideration when planning for breast reconstruction including overall health and whether or not further treatment will be needed, such as chemo or radiation.
Will my breasts match after breast reconstruction surgery?
Breast reconstruction surgery typically involves rebuilding the affected breast to match the other, but additional procedures are often necessary in order to ensure the best results. Dr. Adams will explain all of your options to you so that you can make an informed decision about your surgical options.
What are the risks of breast reconstruction surgery?
The potential risks associated with breast reconstruction surgery are similar to those with any breast surgery and may include anesthesia reaction, infection, blood clots, or asymmetry.
When is the best time to undergo breast reconstruction surgery?
The timing of your reconstruction is often a personal decision and may be impacted by ongoing cancer treatments. Some patients prefer immediate reconstruction, while others wish to wait until the challenges related to cancer treatment are behind them.
Is breast reconstruction surgery covered by insurance?
The Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 gives coverage of post-mastectomy breast reconstruction under any health insurance plan that also provides coverage for lumpectomy or mastectomies. Coverage also includes any necessary procedures on the opposite breast that could be required to ensure symmetry following reconstruction. If you don’t have insurance, or your insurance doesn’t cover breast cancer treatments and reconstruction, Dr. Adam’s can discuss further options during consultation.

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